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Audiomack Presents New ‘Artist 101 Essentials’ Video Series

How do I make my first song?

Whether you’re just beginning your artist journey or you’ve already racked up a million streams on Audiomack, chances are you’ve asked this question before.

With all the factors that go into creating magic in the studio, it can get overwhelming knowing where to start. Consider this first video in the Artist 101 Essentials series your how-to-make-a-song starter pack.

In this video, you’ll learn how to develop your Artist Story, what kind of equipment you’ll need to record your first song, how to choose the right production, and more. Figure out what’s best for your process and try out different sounds until you find your own.

Okay, you made your first song and it’s passed the car test and it has gotten the stamp of approval from the homies, now what? Now it’s time to market your creation! Stay tuned for the next episode where we take a deep dive into developing a solid marketing strategy.