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Tinashe’s 5 Music Industry Rules to Live By

Future-forward independent singer Tinashe is both a certified pop star and an industry veteran. Having been in the game for over a decade, Tinashe has experienced all the highs and lows of being a recording artist, including signing to a major label as a solo artist and ultimately parting with that label in 2019. Since then, Tinashe has enjoyed a sense of freedom and a remarkable amount of creative growth, culminating in the independent releases of her fourth and fifth solo albums, Songs For You and 333, over the last three years.

“Being independent is very fulfilling for a lot of reasons,” Tinashe shared with Complex in 2021. “There are definitely times where it feels harder, and when it feels like a little bit more of an uphill battle. But at the same time, it’s fulfilling to know that I am doing this independently and still able to make my mark and tour and do all these things after all these years and continue my career.”

For the deluxe release of her triumphant album 333, out today, Tinashe shared with Audiomack World her top five music industry rules to live by below.

Build a team you trust. Your team is the foundation of your entire career so you need people around you who genuinely have your best interest in mind. It’s important to find people who you get along with day-to-day, but more important to find people who will advocate for you and stand up for you behind the scenes.

Build a home studio and learn how to record yourself. You never want to be handicapped by not being able to record when inspiration strikes. Also, you ultimately save a lot of money this way which you can spend on creating other content. And I personally think a home studio is much more comfortable and intimate.

Be careful when making deals as a new artist. The more of an identity you can establish on your own, the better. It’s easy for everyone to be interested in something that is “new.” The trick is finding someone who understands you and your art holistically so that farther down the line you aren’t blocked by creative differences and people who think “they know best.”

Create the art you want to make. Don’t be too influenced by trends or what other artists are creating. Trends are easy come, easy go. Timeless music is forever. Your instincts will guide you to creating the best art.

Don’t get caught up in the ups and downs. When the lows get too low don’t worry and when the highs get too high, don’t lose your cool! It can be hard for artists to deal with the psychology of the roller coaster that is the music industry.