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How do I sell merch?

Selling merchandise is a key revenue stream for artists, and much like selling a concert ticket, it is all about how much fans connect to your music. The possibilities are endless—merch can include physical editions of your music (vinyls and CDs) clothing (hoodies and t-shirts), accessories (bags and keychains), posters and stickers, and any other creative ideas you might have. Just make sure it aligns with your artist story and voice. Merch sales require fans—don’t print up a bunch of shirts too soon, and it’s a good idea to keep your designs streamlined. The rabid fans will be happy to represent your music, and once the fanbase grows, you can expand your merch line.

Merch and shows are the same thing in the sense that people are only going to buy a ticket or a shirt if they love your music. The music has to be great. People have to connect to your music to want to buy a shirt and walk around with your album cover on your chest—they have to really relate and want to represent.”

—Benjy Grinberg, Owner of Rostrum Records

“Understand your fanbase. I’m always about keeping it really simple, especially starting out. Don’t be overly aggressive when it comes to merch, starting out. A lower quantity, up for sale longer, and put that link into the LinkTree. Keep it simple as far as design, and make a profit. Merch is not necessarily for the breaking artist. Merch is for the artist that knows they’re going on tour and has a rabid fanbase.”

—Ryan Hobbs, Pandora

“Those big artists who are selling crazy units of merch, they’re borderline fashion brands. Fans wanna support you, but not every fan wants to wear something with an artist name on it. Yes, merch is crucial to your success, but make sure the designs are something you’d actually wear. Of course it’s to make money, and I’m not saying start at the best quality ever, but don’t print the cheapest stuff with just your logo.”

—Samuel Cohen, Director of Artist Marketing, TenThousand Projects